Opening of a postdoctoral fellowship in connection with the research project SÉDIGA

ANR Programme blanc N° ANR-08-BLAN-0317-01/02

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Academic year 2010-2011

  • The research project SÉDIGA (ANR, programme blanc) opens a postdoctoral fellowship during the academic year 2010-2011, with the aim of providing a significant advance on one of the topics of the project:

  • Eligibility: Positions are open to holders of a doctorate (PhD) in mathematics obtained in France or in a foreign country  before August 31st, 2010, on topics such as Algebraic Geometry or Topology, Arithmetics or Analysis of linear differential equations on various base fields. Those who defended their doctorate in one of the SOUTH pole (Nice and Padova) of the SÉDIGA program cannot apply.

  • Home Laboratory: For the academic year 2010-2011, the home laboratory is

  • Duration and beginning: The duration of the position is 12 months. It can start in september or october 2010 (to be discussed)

  • Salary: approximately 2000€ monthly

  • Deadline for the submission: March 31, 2010

  • Date of the result of the selection: May 10, 2010

  • How to submit an application: A file containing has to be sent by e-mail preferably to one of the coordinators: Candidates can ask for one or two recommendation letters, which should  be sent directly, by e-mail preferably, to C. Sabbah or A. Dimca.