Journées non-archimédiennes
15, 16 et 17 Juin 2011
Institut de Math. de Bordeaux
Projet ANR: Berko

                      Organisateurs: P. Autissier, A. Ducros, C. Favre et F. Pazuki.


Nous prévoyons trois mini-cours de 3h30 chacun. Les personnes suivantes nous feront des mini-cours.
Résumé du cours de William Cherry:
  1. p-adic and non-Archimedean analogs of Nevanlinna's theory of value distribution;
  2. Benedetto's non-Archimedean analogs of the Ahlfors Island theorems and why Berkovich spaces appear naturally there;
  3. and Berkovich spaces as a tool to prove degeneracy of Non-Archimedean analytic curves (analytic maps from the affine line) in algebraic varieties

Résumé du cours d'Amaury Thuillier:
recently, Ehud Hrushovski and François Loeser have developped some model-theoretic tools to study the topology of an algebraic variety X over a non-archimedean field; they applied them to prove that the analytification of X (in Berkovich's sense) is locally contractible and admits a strong deformation retraction onto a closed polyhedral subset. I will present another proof of this result, based on de Jong's alteration theorem and toroidal geometry. I will also explain how to deduce from these arguments that any compact non-archimedean analytic space has the homotopy type of a finite polyhedron.

Pour tout renseignement ou demande d'aide financière:
: favre[chez]

Mercredi 15 Juin
Salle 1
14h00 -15h00: Cherry
15h30- 16h30: Matignon
16h45- 17h45: Thuillier

Jeudi 16 Juin
Salle de conférences
9h30-11h00: Cherry
13h30-15h00: Thuillier
15h30-17h00: Matignon

Vendredi 17 Juin
Salle 1
9h00-10h00: Thuillier
10h15-11h15: Matignon
11h30-12h30: Cherry

P. Autissier, W. Cherry, J-Y. Briend, A. Ducros, L. Fantini, C. Favre, J. Fresnel, W. Gignac, L-C Hsia, J. Kiwi, Q. Liu, M. Matignon, Y. Okuyama, F. Pazuki, J. Poineau, M. Raibaut, A. Thuillier, C. Toropu